In this narrow and deep valley of the Roer / Rur, you will find the picturesque village Monschau; walk in the woods accompanied by flowing rivers, look at cows grazing in the meadows, enjoy the sunbeams between the trees, hear leaves falling or snow cracking under the shoes, sip of a mulled wine at the Christmas market, or enjoy a sunny terrace on the square, come and discover Monschau.

One large nature and history book interwoven with babbling rivers, nature parks, ruins, castles and museums. But also cozy sunny terraces and a lot of mulled wine during the winter. Put on these walking shoes and find yourself in a film set between the authentic half-timbered houses, or get lost on the countless hiking trails where you can sniff the pure air and unknown scents of the woods. Enrich yourself with the colors of nature that every season has to offer, or enjoy that well deserved hot chocolate milk after a winter walk in the creaking white snow.


Monschau is not far from the border with the Netherlands and Belgium and is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany: the Eifel. The village lies in a narrow and deep valley next to the river Roer, barely 4 kilometers from the Belgian border. The cozy atmosphere, the half-timbered houses, the winding rivers and the forests around the valley make Monschau a real attraction. In the village you will find very nice shops next to many restaurants and bakers. Do you like a brisk walk? Then you can go on foot to the Old tower or walk in the higher forests surrounding Monschau. At one of the many lookout points you can enjoy a beautiful view over the village. Monschau is highly recommended in every season!

The Eifel

The area is about 110km² and consists of different types of forest, hills, rivers and characteristic villages where Monschau is one of them. One moment you walk between majestic beeches and oaks and the next moment you stand in an open field full of flowers. You picnic along splashing rivers and climb up steeply for the best view of the park. Come for hiking, cycling, horse riding or kayaking on one of the many clear rivers. Discover all the well-preserved treasures of nature. Charge these batteries and settle down.

Active or relaxed

Activities in the area

Wonderful walking

See all the sights in one hike, but for the adventurous the forests of Monschau are highly recommended. Put on those sturdy hiking boots and explore everything that Monschau has to offer in and around the village.


Sporty touring

Feel energetic after a beautiful mountain bike tour in nature. Choose the bike tour to your liking from the wide range and discover the secrets of the nature of Monschau and the German Ardennes.


Nature at the top

The forests and meadows around Monschau are part of the larger Hohes Venn-Eifel nature park. Be sure to take the time to explore the area around the reservoir Obersee, Rurberg.


Explore tourism

The Red House building is a striking building in Monschau and one of the most beautiful buildings from the 18th century in Monschau. The museum houses the textile production from the earlier times. The Red House was built in 1756 and the building is one of the leading buildings in Baroque style in the Rhineland, the Eifel.


Christmas market

Monschau itself is the most famous because of the fantastic Christmas atmosphere in the winter. Christmas, food and mulled wine stands are located in all streets. The half-timbered houses lie under a blanket of snow and are completely decorated, making a visit to this idyllic village in winter even more than worthwhile.