Striving for quality every day

About Vosproperties

We are not a chain but a deliberately smaller family business so that we can pursue the quality of every holiday home every day. Cleanliness is very important to us, in addition to comfort and cosiness. Vacations are rare, so they must certainly be unforgettable.


Our motivation is

Since, residing in Belgium, we can not welcome our guests everywhere on the spot, we give as much information as possible beforehand. But of course you can always contact us via a phone call or an email for extra info. So you have the necessary privacy on the spot and you can enjoy your long-awaited weekend or week together with your partner, family or friends, without any worries, because we are always there for you.


Luxurious locations

We are looking for unique locations with a beautiful view or special location where you can completely relax. We also find it important that you can go anywhere in every season for a unique experience, summer, spring, autumn and winter. Read more about the environment and news.

Our history

What do we offer

Who are we, father and daughter, named “De Vos” (The Fox), started in 2016 with VOSPROPERTIES. Since we ourselves do not always have the time to enjoy one of the holiday homes, we have therefore started to rent them out. Every day we set the requirements high for ourselves so that you, our guest, are not short of anything. Discover different places and visit Monschau, Nagykőrös, Wenduine or Ostend. Visit beautiful cities such as Budapest, Bruges, Ghent or enjoy an ultimate beach holiday.

Our team

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A family business that you can always turn to if you want specific advice during your stay or are confronted with certain practical questions. We are always here for you. Together we search every day for new unique locations in other corners of Europe, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with special offers and new stays